Michael W. from North Carolina

Michael uses the SlimBuds under a full face helmet. He was concerned about hearing damage due to wind noise. Listen to him as he explains his experience with the SlimBuds.

Joseph B. From Alabama

Joseph uses the SlimBuds under his full face helmet. He rides to work and tests off-road vehicles at work. Listen to his comments about the SlimBuds below.

Angelo A. From California

Angelo’s biggest concern was the fit of other earbuds under his helmet. That’s why he purchased the SlimBuds and after using them for a few months he recorded the video below and sent it to us.

Eric B. From Michigan

Eric wears a half helmet and uses the SlimBuds for long road trips on his bike. Listen to him as he talks about his experience using the SlimBuds with a half helmet and for a trip that lasted over 7 hours.