Can Listening to Music Make You A Safer Rider?

Can Listening to Music Make You A Safer Rider?

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Listening to music while riding a motorcycle is certainly a controversial topic amongst the biker
community. On one side, you have riders who can’t go without some good tunes in their ears
while others say they’re happy with just hearing the wind and the “beautiful” sound notes of
their exhaust system. The latter sometimes even claim that music can be distracting. While this
can be true, depending on what you listen to, it is also scientifically proven that the right type of
music can increase concentration and focus even while riding.

Is it true that music can help you concentrate better on the road?

Think of a time when you were cleaning the house, studying, or working out at the gym. While
doing these activities, there’s a good chance that you’ll have some sort of music in the
background to help set the mood. You might even find yourself doing bench presses to the
rhythm of the song without even noticing at first. But why do we listen to music when doing
these activities?

“Listening to music releases mood-enhancing hormones such as dopamine” [1]

…and dopamine is a chemical in the brain that promotes reward-motivated behaviors. As a
result, music can reduce mental and physical stress, allowing the brain to focus more on the
subject at hand.

“The physical skills of using levers, throttle, etc., are controlled by a different area of the brain
to that of listening to music.”

This is a statement by psychologist Sharon Ledger. She continues by explaining how geniuses,
such as Einstein, listened to music to help brainstorm concepts and ideas. The fact that music
helps to stimulate the brain, increases the brain’s power and makes it more active when
completing a task.

Overall, it is very subjective to claim that music is right for everyone during a ride on the road.
The genre of music you listen to and how it makes you feel can impact your riding experience. It
truly comes down to the rider and what they feel makes them comfortable on the road.

Do you listen to music while riding? Why and why not? Please comment below.

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