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"The SlimBuds have proven to be a far better communication solution than my previous product. While enjoying my favorite audio, the SlimBuds earplug design keeps out the unwanted engine and wind noise."

“They don’t create any pressure. They stay in place. The sound quality is great. I’m actually able to make some phone calls as well.”

"Prior to using these, my concern was a lot of wind noise through my helmet and damage to my ears. They do a good job sealing up your ear and blocking out external noise without blocking so much that you can’t hear what’s going on around you."

"These fit better than any other solutions that I had, except for custom molded earbuds but the SlimBuds still sound better."

  • Fits Under Any Helmet

    The SlimBuds fits easily under any helmets and will feel comfortable throughout use. They don't protrude out of your ears. The smooth edges won't get stuck to your cheek pads when you slide your helmet over them. Even with the slim design, the outstanding sound quality will leave you wanting more with every use.

  • Never Falls Out of Your Ears

    We know how annoying it can be when your earbuds fall out and you can't do anything until you pull over. SlimBuds features silicone ear hooks that keep your earbuds in place no matter how bumpy your ride is.

  • One Set for All Your Helmets

    No mounting. Just put them on like regular earbuds and slide your helmet over them. Experience the freedom of switching between helmets and activities seamlessly without having to install mounts on every helmet. You can even use them at the gym!

  • Quality Calls at Any Speed

    When you're in motion things can get loud. The Chin-Mic is designed to pick up your voice over wind and other loud noises in your environment. This means you won't have to repeat yourself no matter how fast you're going.

  • It Fits You Perfect

    The unique chin-mic design, only needs to be adjusted once to fit your face perfectly. It's designed to be comfortable and it will never bother you while you speak.

  • As Light As a Feather

    The entire product only weighs 12 grams or 0.4 oz. In fact they're so light you will forget that you're wearing them.

See What Users Say

Joseph used the SlimBuds for 2 months as part of our testing program. Testers like him helped us refine the product until we knew it was ready to deliver on it's capabilities. Watch his video as he talks about his experience.

The Tech Behind SlimBuds

aptX Enabled Bluetooth Audio

aptX is the highest standard of wireless audio transmission meaning, no lag and consistently excellent audio quality.

Superb Bass & Clear Highs

High-end balanced armature sound drivers deliver full range audio at audiophile quality. It's like a stereo sound system in a car, only a lot smaller.

Built In Hearing Protection

Wind noise can cause permanent hearing loss. SlimBuds reduces harmful environmental noises and related fatigue.

Over 6 Hours of Battery Life

It's small but it still packs 6-hours of lithium polymer battery life that will outlast your endurance during any activity.

No Hassle Group Calls

Unlike many other systems on the market, our group com app is incredibly easy to use. Skip the contacts list all together to start a group call with the people around you or add friends and create groups and start calls with one tap. Either way, our group com has no range limit. Stay connected with your group even if you're hundreds of miles apart.

Currently in alpha stage. Launches July 2018.

Pre-Order Now

SlimBuds is currently in production and is due for shipment in June 2018. We, currently, only ship in batches and quantities for the June batch are limited.

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